Engure marina


Coordinates 57°10' N; 23°14' E
Postal address Marina Engure, Jūras iela 60b, Engure, Engures novads, LV - 3113
Phone +371 29153554; +371 2922165678
E-mail jahtklubs.engure@apollo.lv gikefabo@gmail.com
Website www.jahtklubsengure.lv
VHF Channel Ch. -1
Capacity of Berth 10
Depth on approach 1.9 m
Depth alongside 3 - 4 m
Neighbouring Marinas Ruhnu – 40 MN, Mersrags – 15 NM, Rīga – 30 NM
Public Transport Bus services to Rīga
Directions for approach Engure Leading Line 270.2° SHALL NOT BE USED as it is leading to the shalows at the entrance.
Proceed instead close to Southern mole end (approx. 57°09.77' N 23°14.34' E ), then follow the narrow channel marked by lateral sticks up to Engure Leading Line and then proceed to port to floating barge or pontoon.
Due to the silting the entrance channel may be changed, therefor proceed with due care at slow speed.
Please be advised also that during prolonged easterly wind conditions the water level in Riga Bay may be decrease by 15cm.
Services Electricity at pontoon. Fuel from petrol station, Hotels, Restorans, Shops and bankomat for cash money.